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    Posted 03 March 2007 - 11:02 PM

    Originally Posted by HBBRIDE
    I want to get more information from you on the crates you mentioned. Were these crates in addition to the plastic boxes you got from Lowes? Are the crates from Lowes? sorry - they are one in the same thing - he got them at lowes and they were a clear blue color - but be sure to check with your airline and make sure that their size requirements are the same - the ones we got were exactly 62" which the max size we could haveWe are going to have to take many boxes with us and we have some family each willing to take some too. have your FI drop you off with all the crates and luggage at the termanel before going to park the car - then when he gets back get one of those cheep carts you rent at the airport for $1 and put everything on there - main thing is make sure you give yourself plenty of time so that you don't have to rush with all the stuff you will be bringing!

    So you sent the boxes through TSA security and they put the ties on? yes - we walked them to TSA and asked the guy if we should close them up before he took them or if he could inspect them and then watch us seal them up - it wasn't a problem doing it that way - just make sure you bring your own box tape and zip ties so you can quickly close them after inspection
    Sorry so many questions about this....but I was super nervous about this very same thing since we are talking ALL of our decor (including many breakables).we wrapped all the candle holders and glass items in bubble wrap - we bought a roll of it at lowes - i was worried too but it worked out great

    You said it was hot there....was it warm at night too or did it get cool? I am wondering how cool in will be at night in April? warm during the day like 80 degrees and great to sit by the pool in but it got cool at night - bring a few sweaters to cover up with.

    About transportation....was this just you and Scott or was it a bunch of guests on the same ride to the Hilton? For your 17 guests....will they all be picked up from the airport at the same time? How does this work? I want to contact this company for us and our guests. I will definitely let them know you & Scott referred us!!Scott and I were alone on this trip and we paid $51 total for both of us- roundtrip airport transfers. I know that when I go in July I have 17 people coming on one flight and so I emailed them when I got back to find out if they could give us a better rate. That is when they quoted me the better rate. I know they will give other guests arriving at different times a better rate too but not sure what it will be exactly

    Again, thanks for all your information. No Problem - right back at ya - you have been soo helpful too!

    I am sure others have had the same questions too - we are all here to learn and help eachother!
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      Posted 04 March 2007 - 12:49 AM

      Thank you so much for the information. We will go look at Lowes. We are also flying American/Mexican too!

      I have already emailed the transportation people and let them know you & Scott referred us. I let you know what they say & keep you posted.

      Oh...we are using Francine from the Flower Cart. I spoke & met with Martha the girl that Hilton referred (back in Oct.) but she was way more expensive. Flowers are not super important to us so we went with Francine. She was super easy to deal with & pricing seemed reasonable. I also ordered some flowers in "bunches" as Janet had mentioned.

      I appreciate all your help!

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