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Swimsuits deserve their own thread!

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I couldn't find a thread dedicated to swim wear - and to me it deserves it's own! Really, I am just being selfish. The other thread on "wedding week attire" has touched on swimwear, but I am really curious what other good sites there are out there for swimwear. I am on a mission to find something to wear for both the wedding week and the honeymoon. Because my dress is strapless, I want to find a nice bandeau style suit so I don't have to worry about tan lines. But that's my problem to deal with!


Anyway, I am aware of the obvious sites and listed some below, but what other great sites am I missing? I don't mind spending a little more $$ for a good quality suit, but I don't want to spend a ton of $$ just for a designer label!


JCrew: J.Crew > women's > shop by category > swimfinder


Victoria's Secret: VictoriasSecret.com Swimwear - Bikinis, Tankinis, One-piece & Two-piece Swimsuits


Venus Swimwear: Venus.com 2007 Sexy Swimwear - Mix and Match Bathing Suits


Bluefly: Bluefly - Big Discounts On Fashion Designer Womens Swimsuits At Bluefly

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Oh yea - good one!


I ran across these. not sure they're my style, but they're cute and fun, and perfect for a tropical setting. let's just say i'd fill them out a little better than the model though! lol


Salinas Hibiscus Bandeau at SwimOutlet.com


Salinas Guadalupe Bandeau at SwimOutlet.com

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I totally agree Ann, I too, have a strapless and want to avoid tan lines. I saw Victorias secret had this

Click the image to open in full size.


The swim suit color is growing on me. It's a purple isn't it? (reason I ask I think I may be a tad bit color blind) LOL

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Courtney- I know it's horrible isn't it?! I think i should really get my eyes checked out. I think i need glasses too. LOL


Anny - I love those suits. Very nice! Have you ever ordered a VS bikini before? I think i may order the "black" one above but I'm clueless on the sizes to go by on their chart?

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