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iPod at the Sheraton?

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my WC is on vacay until the end of august, but i have a question that's bugging me! i've seen lots of talk about using iPods for music during the reception, which sounds more economical than a DJ/full band for our small (30ish) reception....


does the sheraton offer this set up? if so, how much? annnnd, does it work well?



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Originally Posted by sassybride View Post
it can be risky b/c anything can happen but lots of brides do use it. Usually theres a fee and you get the connection with speakers. You just need to make sure that your ipod will conect properly and you might need to bring a connector? I'm not 100% sure and it always kind of worried me so we hired a DJ for reception and for dinner the ipod will be connected to the DJ's system. Dj will connect it for us so I'm not really worried.
thanks for the input! :)
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I don't know how the sheraton's system works...but we used our ipod and so have many of the brides on here and ours worked perfect!!! The people at the Fiesta America hooked it up and controlled it for us and it worked great! It's a wonderful alternative to a DJ especially if you are having a small group!

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