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Christmas 2007 Engagement Story

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This is our engagement story, I just copy and pasted it off our website, so if your wondering why I'm referring to myself in the third person, that's why!



Jamie is crazy about Christmas and knew that he wanted to pop the question Christmas morning, but how...he tossed around a few possibilities and came up with the perfect plan.


Jamie and Lindsay had already come to an agreement that as this is their first Christmas spent in their own place, there had to be some ground rules. These rules stem from the stories of Jamie waking his entire family on Christmas morning before the sun has come up...every year. Lindsay loves Christmas too, but firmly believes in a good nights sleep and that Christmas isn't less special at 9 in the morning than at 6:30 in the morning...Rule #1 : Jamie is not allowed to wake Lindsay before 8am, a compromise for both. Rule #2 : Coffee should be brewing before gifts can be opened Rule #3 : Jamie had to take Bailey (our new 3 month old Boxer puppy) out for a pee before he wakes Lindsay up - three very reasonable rules in Lindsay's opinion.


Little did Lindsay know, Jamie had a surprise up his sleeve for Christmas morning...

He had prepared the living room by placing tiny tealight candles and stringing tiny lights all around the room, after being unable to sleep past 5am. He left Bailey and Lindsay sleeping while he prepared the room and then he was left waiting for 8am...not going to happen! So at 7am, he creeps into the bedroom to wake Lindsay up...he tells her that he has something to show her...slowly rolling over to look at the clock, Lindsay says firmly that it is not 8am and she will not be getting up for at least an hour. He starts insisting that she come see something, persuaded by his insistence, she pulls herself out of bed. On her way out of the bedroom she asks if he at least took Bailey out for a pee? He tells her he'll take him out in a few minutes...so far, two rules have been broken, so Lindsay's a bit grumpy at this point.

Luckily, this is where it takes a turn for the better.

Jamie was ahead of Lindsay, and leads her into the living room where she sees what he's been up to...it is beautiful, little lights hanging from the ceiling, several dozen candles and the sun rising outside the window...truly a sight to be remembered. As she takes it all in, Jamie gets down on one knee, opens the ring box and asks her to marry him! He said a few things, that neither one of them remember, but she said yes through tears and sleepy eyes. She was awake very quickly after that and obviously no longer grumpy. They both couldn't have been happier. Jamie took Bailey outside while Lindsay made coffee. They opened their gifts and got ready to tell everyone. They spent the day announcing the news and celebrating with both families. It was the best Christmas yet! How will Jamie top this in the future?

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