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Aug 12 2006 Engagement

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So we got engaged on Aug 12 2006. We built a house and took possesion of it on Aug 10 2006. He had been asking me for a couple months where I would like to go to dinner the Sat (Aug 12) after we get our new home to celebrate. I didn't know but knew that I had never been to the Calgary Tower to the rotating restaurant for dinner so I suggested that. So the morning of Aug 12 Jason called up his brother to meet him at Best Buy because Jason wanted a new big screen tv and the whole system to go with it. I stayed home and unpacked some more and cleaned up a bit. Then met him and his brother at Best Buy. Jason was waiting at best buy with three gerber daisy's for me. How silly walking around an electronic store with flowers. We went home and the boys were putting together the new purchase. I went to have a shower and put on the new dress I had bought for dinner. His brother left and and we hopped in his truck for dinner. On the way out of the neighborhood a limo passed us and he asked if I saw it. I didn't was looking out the window and just so tired from the unpacking and never ending cleaning. We get to the lights at the end of the block and he says he forgot his wallet. Okay I said lets go back it should only take a minute and we can still make our reservation. Hehehe. Little did I know. He ran into the house to get his wallet and I look at our house and he is standing at the door holding up the phone. In my head I am thinking I'll call them back we have to get going and I am super hungry. So I go into the house to get the "phone call." Jason is down on his knee crying and asking me to marry him. I said yes and we kissed and then I lightly nudge him and ask if he asked my father first. He did. He also said he ordered a limo and it should be there any minute to take us to dinner. In the time that we went around the block until we got home Jason's brother had come into the house and lit a candle and put on our song and spread rose pedals in the livingroom. The limo came and I guess we got an upgrade because it was a huge excursion suv limo and it took us to dinner and came back and brought us home. The night was perfect. And I couldn't have asked for anything more. We still live in our house and although it has been 2 years since the engagement we are starting to get nervous about the wedding in Jan in Mexico.

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Awe Kelly, that was super sweet of Jason!! I love the part where you're thinking hurry up, I'm hungry, I'll take the phone call. LOL - That sounds like something I would say.


So you guys have been engaged for 2 years now! How did you know you wanted a DW? Were you at Kelly & Steve's wedding by any chance? I think that was 2003, I may be wrong.

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