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  1. I'm too excited to sleep! I leave in 6 hours and should really sleep...but that's not going to happen! The most ironic part it the fact that I'm staying at the Sandman hotel and can't sleep!
  2. I feel your pain! I ordered a birdcage veil online and when it came in, I was soooo disappointed. The feathers were big enough to be a full bird on my head! And the netting...it was supposed to have some small swarovski crystals...none. The whole thing looks like I made it myself or bought it in the cheap bin at Walmart. I fortunately got crafty and shortened the feathers which now makes it a little more presentable...it was that or be out $200. I'm sorry you had to go through this. It truly does suck. Don't let it get you down though!
  3. Welcome to the forum! Lots of resorts to choose from in Punta Cana! I'm having mine at Dreams Punta Cana (in two weeks!) because the wedding packages offered everything I was looking for. Good luck with the planning!
  4. Hi Leslie, welcome to the forum! All three of those resorts seem fantastic. Happy planning!
  5. Welcome to the forum from one Dreams PC bride to another! There are lots of resources on here for you to take advantage of and great people to meet!
  6. paraisobeachbride2009....just wondering where do you recommend to go tanning? I'm hoping to go a few times before I leave for the Dominican but am new to Edmonton and not sure where to go.
  7. My dear friend Audrey is my Manager of Hairstyles and Coolness. I love that I'm not the only person who appointed someone to such a job!
  8. Amen ladies...amen! The only thing we splurged on was embroidered towels that have our names and wedding date for favors. I have some espresso coloured marabou feathers that I may or may not do something with for some kind of centerpiece. I believe in keeping it simple!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by DallasAshli The secret is...accepting the things that you can not control! When it comes to things you can't control, you really have 2 choices: accept it or get worked up about it. It sounds like you are letting things that you have no control over get you worked up. Unfortunately, that just zaps your energy but doesn't create anything positive. People get to behave however they want...and so do you. You get to decide if you will let other people's actions bother you. It's hard to do at first, but it gets really easy once you've learned how Remember we're here for you! What she said! We had the same situation where people said they couldn't afford to come but then booked a separate trip...it's best not to focus on them but focus on the one's who have RSVP'd to a good time with you and your Fi.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by jennyFTB I got ZOOM whitening done yesterday, which worked miracles....my teeth went three-4 shades whiter...it hurt a bit though...but was worth it! What is this ZOOM whitening you speak of? I'm interested! Question is...does it hurt the wallet? Also....I'm dying to see everyone's pics and to hear how everything went. Can't the time speed up so that the early January brides can report back!?!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by robinbood QUESTION re: TIPPING: Do we tip the wedding coordinator at the resort after the wedding? If so, what is the right %? Oh man, I didn't even think of that! Well if anyone knows what's "kosher" I'd love to hear it because I'm doing some budgeting today!
  12. [quote=Tammy Host;642002 I was going to have a small fondue party tonight but have been sick for almost 10 days now. Get better soon! Nothing worst than being sick over the holidays.
  13. Watching Family Guy and drinking a glass of wine in my sweat pants. You're not alone on the boring evening in!
  14. I grew up in Sudbury! Moved to Vancouver Island 3 1/2 years ago but my family is still living in Chemmy. I'm in Edmonton for now but will be going back to the island as soon as the winter is over! Have you decided which resort in Jamaica yet?
  15. My Vancouver crew (half of the guests) are paying $1800 once taxes are incl. and my Toronto guests are paying $1500 taxes incl. Hope this helps.
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