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All-child wedding party?

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My fiance and I have decided to use our 6 nieces and nephews as our wedding party...no adults.


The little darlings are: 3, 7, 7, 8, 9, and 9 years old.


The 3 year old will most likely just hand out bubbles with her mother, but the others are old enough to do the following:


We have decided that their only task is to walk down the aisle and off to the side where their parents will be seated to accept them.


They will sit with their parents and not stand beside us at the ceremony so that they do not get fidgety in the heat. The ceremony is 20 minutes long.


Everyone says they should be fine...just feed them, water them and make sure they have had naps. They don't typically nap, as they are in school all day.


We are just figuring out who will hold my flowers and our rings, as the best man and maid of honour usually do this...am I overlooking any other critical tasks?...hmmmm, or maybe we should have an adult best man and maid of honour in addition to the children?


Really, have I lost my mind in light of the vision of 6 children, dressed in white, nicely coming down the aisle?

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OMG we did this. we had 2 adults, and the rest of the party (9 kids including the flowe girl, and we had 2 dogs as ring bearers!) was under 15, with the youngest BM being 4! if you have any specific Q's, just ask me, i can let you know what we did for each part.

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Tell me everything! Did they behave? Was it too hot for them? Did you have criers and whiners and those whose sandals were too tight and whose flower petals weren't pink enough, those with tummy aches and those with stage fright? I think they will be fine...but in the back of my mind I am whipping up every conceiveable issue...I like to have plan Bs for everything...:)

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