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random random random.....


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"Pear" and "washington apple" jelly bellys are the best falvors EVER



okay.. since i always seem to hijack threads or threads of mine are always hijacked with random thoughts i figured id just start one where you can be as RANDOM as you want...


here are the rules..


1. It has to be totally random

2. it has to be something about you like some secret, or the first thing that pops into your head (me.. just happend to be thinking about jelly bellys)

3. you HAVE to respond to the persons random thought before you

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Originally Posted by Hartyt509 View Post
Go on Alyssa slap his legs lmao mind you he'd probably like that wouldn't you JM lmao
i am feeling quite fiesty this AM i must say!

Originally Posted by jean-marcus View Post
ahh lame... well not lame that it exists but lame that i didnt know about it already..

well i guess close this one hahaha
foshizzle.bmpi can't believe you didn't know about the shout box thread!! lame-o hahah just kidding - ok i will close this one :)
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