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Sand Ceremony Question

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Hi, I have a couple questions for anyone who has done a sand ceremony. I am wondering if you had any trouble getting through customs on the way home. I am also wondering how you transported the sand, so it would not get mixed up.



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No customs issues. We stuffed the top of the vase with tissue paper and then put Saran Wrap and a rubber band around the top. The colors mixed a bit on the way home, but it's okay. Wrapped it in bubble wrap and had it in our checked baggage. Just be careful and you'll be fine.

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Originally Posted by MOGroom View Post
We went to home depot and got a small botle of plastic resin. The day after the wedding my husband poured it on the top of our sand and it sealed the top in 48 hours solid hard. A nice tip is to take one flower from your bouquet and his boutineire and place them on top of your sand before you seal the top. Because this container was sealed permenantly there is no problem with customs....

Great ideas about the resin and the flowers. This is why I love this site :) I hope to use the sand ceremony in my wedding and want to use the frame. I hope it will work!!
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The beauty of this is you can tailor it anyway that you like. I plan to have the MIL and my mother escorted to their seats and require each to pour sand into the unity vase prior to being seated. Then after exchanging vows my FI and I will complete the Sand ceremony along with our son. We incorporated him into the vows. Do you have sites for ordering? If not here is one:


Wedding Supplies / Wedding Accessories / Bridal Accessories

Wedding Favors - Cheap Wedding Favors - Wedding Supplies & Wedding Gifts


Good luck!

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