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Should I ask my BM's husband to shoot our wedding?

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I need some opinions ladies.....


I have asked one of my long time friends to be one of my bridesmaids eventhough we have grown apart over the past couple years. She hasn't yet given me an answer as to whether or not they can go on our wedding cruise to Jamaica, but will by August 15th.


Here is the dilemma...

Her husband is a professional wedding photographer, but only for the DC/VA/MD area (no DWs). We have a small budget for our wedding, but photography is important to me. Our budget will not allow for us to fly in a photographer. Also, I have not come across any great photographers located in Jamaica, and the one that I may end up using is mediocre and costs $900 for 3 hours and a cd. I was thinking of asking my BM's husband if he would shoot our wedding and we would pay whatever he would normally charge or even for his cruise depending on how he wants to work it out. Do you think it is okay to ask him? If so, should I wait until they tell me if they are going to ask or do I ask now so they can figure that into their decision? I guess I just don't really know how to ask without making him feel obligated or like this is the only reason I want them to go. What would you do? Thanks!

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