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Valentin Imperial Maya Brides?

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#511 *tinkertoy*

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    Posted 15 September 2010 - 12:31 PM

    Congrats JR!

    I'd love to see any pics you took!


    Where did you get married? Was it legal or symbolic?


    Which package did you choose?


    What about the flowers? Can we see pics??



    #512 JRCATON

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      Posted 16 September 2010 - 07:29 AM

      Hey Tink eml me & I'll send you some pics & more info jill_caton@q.com


      We got married on the beach between buildings 11 & 12. 


      Moonlight package - the inexpensive one.


      My flowers were gorgeous!!  These people really know what they are doing.  I chose a bouquet of white lillies, white roses & purple irises.  Perfection!

      #513 *tinkertoy*

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        Posted 16 September 2010 - 11:55 AM


        #514 Brandeemdavis

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          Posted 16 September 2010 - 01:35 PM

          Congrats JR!  It sounds like everything went perfectly for you!  I'd love to see some pictures too :)


          What did you put in your welcome bags? We are working on ours and would love to hear what other people have done.....


          As far as the ceremony goes do you have to put your own together and give it to them or do they have like a generic one they use if you don't creat your own?? We are just doing the symbolic ceremony so i wasn't sure!

          #515 ahollo02

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            Posted 17 September 2010 - 05:48 AM

            JRCATON -


            Thank yoyu for the review!!!!


            I am going to email you too to see some pictures. I chose the moonlite package as well. Do you need to pay extra for a microphone so people could hear the ceremony on the beach?? What did you do after dinner.. did you dance at the disco or go to a bar or anything??

            #516 *tinkertoy*

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              Posted 17 September 2010 - 12:06 PM

              Just to answer some questions-


              With the middle package the mic comes with the package for the ceremony but not cocktail hour or reception. That's I think $450 extra!!


              I think you can write your own ceremony, especially if it's symbolic because the legal one needs certain words to make it legal.


              We are debating the DJ ($800) but will only have 30 people max so I'm thinking that will be strange- maybe those that want can go to the disco later?


              Hope this helps!

              #517 jenlevergood

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                Posted 17 September 2010 - 05:18 PM

                JR CATON, I am so happy for you that everything went so well and thanks again for writing a great review.  It's so nice to read another glowing review of the weddings at this resort.  I'm especially happy to hear that you loved your cake, the flowers and that the photographers were amazing.  Did you request the person who performed your ceremony or is it assigned by the WC?  Did you guys choose any of the extras for decorations at the ceremony?  I am looking at the options right now for the arches etc. and not too sure if it's needed on that beautiful beach or not.

                #518 JRCATON

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                  Posted 19 September 2010 - 06:10 PM

                  I asked who would be performing our ceremony & our WC put us in touch with the pastor.  I emailed with him quite a few times before the wedding to iron out details. 


                  We did not choose any extras for decorations.  Ana (WC) gave us rose petals as a gift and I think it added a perfect touch.  The beach is beautiful and I don't really think we needed any extras.  I did pay extra for the MOH bouquet, boutennier for BM, and a corsage for my mom, but that was it.


                  email me and I will send you pics of our ceremony & set up........jill_caton@q.com.  I think it was simply beautiful.

                  #519 NikkiT1021

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                    Posted 20 September 2010 - 11:07 PM

                    Hi everyone!  I am new to this forum.  My fiance and I recently got engaged and we booked out wedding at Valentin Imperial for October 21, 2011.  So far I have been in touch with Ana and she has been very helpful. I read most of this site and got a lot of great tips from everyone.  We visited the resort last October and it was absolutely beautiful!  We said that when the time to get married came, this would be the place! 

                    We obviously have a lot of time to plan, yet we are most concerned with photography at this point. We're debating on whether to use Blue Lens or spend the extra money on Del Sol.  If anyone has any pictures from Blue Lens do you mind if I take a look at them?  Thanks everyone! 

                    #520 Brandeemdavis

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                      Posted 21 September 2010 - 10:57 AM

                      Congrats & Welcome!!!!  NikkiT

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