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We got an AMAZING deal on luggage...

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Macy's is having a huge July 4th sale this weekend - everything is on sale, especially summer stuff!


FI and I have Samsonite luggage and we decided we needed two more large pieces for Hawaii - we priced the matching 30" suitcases for ours and they were like $400 each WTF?


anyway, we found Luggage - Macy's Samsonite Mobilite Spinners, 30" in Black at a Macy's near us (call your local store b/c they only have Red left online) they are on closeout.


we had a 15% coupon and we wound up getting 2 of them for $115 each - that is SUPER cheap for Samsonite and the Spinners!


If anyone still needs luggage - get to Macy's this weekend smile123.gif

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Oh how I love Macy's! We too got a great deal on luggage there last year for our wedding LOL They should be paying us all for this PR!

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