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Another newbie!

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Thanks everyone! :)


Originally Posted by Raeka View Post
Great location, I've never been to St Kitts but heard it is beautiful. Have you planned anything yet? I know 2010 is a couple years away but it will sneak up fast!

We have not planned anything yet. We haven't even shared with anyone, except you ladies here, that we will wed in St. Kitts. My mom was born in St. Kitts and I have family that lives there. Since my father is no longer living, I thought my mom would be thrilled to know that we will wed where she is from. We haven't thought of a way of telling her yet. I have been talking to her about St. Kitts non stop pretty much since we decided we'd wed there. She hasn't asked why I have an abudant interest in St Kitts all of a sudden. I have visited a few dozen times but my FH has not.


My uncle is a priest in St Kitts. I'm hoping he will marry us.

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