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Originally Posted by Afrommert View Post
I just love the paint brush idea! im def doin that!!!
Tracey that got married @ AS did that too! So cute, if you search or go to her planning thread I believe she has templates!

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27 dresses, I would go back and try to get a doctor or a nurse to sign off on your aunt's illness. If thats what is keeping from you collecting on the cancellation insurance policy, then you need to push the doctor harder.


And the Wedding Holiday would be able to recoup those fees from the insurance carrier, so I dont know why they are being so difficult.


I work in Prop & casualty business insurance, so I am not well versed in event cancellation, but this just seems like they don't want to pay out. Some carriers are like that and you need to request a couple times in writing and fax it too.

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Alright ladies, it's that time again! Let me know what you got done and what your plans are for getting done by Christmas Day!


I've updated what I got done so far:


STARTING Friday, November 27th 2009 – ENDING Friday, December 11th 2009


KittenHeart (Amy) to do’s:

1. Pay order TTD - Done

2. Pay deposit to DJ - Done

3. Exchange JCrew vest for smaller size - Done

4. Go to jewelry district and get additional supplies to make jewelry and finish fascinators – went downtown, fascinators not done

5. Buy cardstock and print out OOT bag items – Not done

6. Print out guestbook tree and get supplies for it – got green ink!

7. Bought paper lanterns and led's & batteries for reception decor


AmyBermuda to do’s:

1. Finalize & shop online for seating card display

2. Plan Xmas shopping trips for all other wedding decorations

3. Update budget


MrsVaughn2B (Andrea) to do’s:

1. Bridesmaid shoes - think I almost got this one down!

2. Select a cake person for my AH reception

3. Send check to photog's for payment #2 of 3

4. Order bags for OOT bags

5. begin to select make up and hair for wedding day


Thefuturemrslutz (Lindz) to do’s:

1) SAVE the DATES!!!! Pretty much everyone knows about my wedding, but I want to make it official.

2) Travel agent stuff. I need to make a decision whether to use one or not.

3) Book MY wedding trip.

4) FINISH website!! I have started it...it is a work in progress. The only sections I have completed are the first page, "Happy Bday Marry Me," and our blog ("Keep up with us").


~Crista-Lee~ to do’s:

1. Finish getting address' for my Save the Dates (ordered this weekend)

2. Write out Christmas cards to go with the STD's.

3. Start looking for BM dresses

4. Start looking for center piece idea's/ decor idea's

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Did the resort change their mind again and are now allowing the donkey for the cocktail hourhuh.gif

I was told the donkey is no longer available because people complained.

Seems as if everyday is something new :)

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Originally Posted by Katie_2010 View Post
Ummm...it could be?!?! the steps after the ceremony look very similar to another brides photos who got married there...but I can't be sure! looks lovely though so I hope so!!
I think it is! I got excited for you because it does look lovely :) It's H-10 I believe :)

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We think that the donkey was b/c of health concerns but they will honor it if you booked it already but no new bookings.


I heard about some s'mores or a bonfire event - does anyone have any information on that?


Amy KH - My to do's did not get done. Boo me! I have to get my act together. So for this week can you add

4. Determine excursion activities and budget for them.

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Thanks AmyB!! Added to the list, I'll put it up as soon as I've heard from the other ladies.


I just had a little mini internal squeal!!! I just noticed I got my Senior Member banner!! HOW FUN!!!



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