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I just got off the phone with Lunabazaar. I orderd my parasols last week, and recieved a call today from a very nice lady saying that because of the earth quake in China a lot of things are back orderd and they dont expect a ship ment until the end of July. JUst thought I would pass along that info incase you are odering from them.

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Yari I saw that you are getting married in LC in October. I am so excited for you. As you see we were married there Jan 5, 08. WE had such a great time as did our guests. Just wanted to mention our wedding items in case you are still planning. 77 guests for us that day


Day of wedding: Boat ride early for the 9 bridesmaids myself his mom and mine. Spa treatment. A lunch has been set up for us overlooking a small cliff and the ocean. So very memorable.


Boat arrives w/ guest at around 5:30ish

Cocktails served, men change into their clothes

Wedding begins pretty quickly




Cigar roller


Dancing (we created a dance for our guests using BigButt song) they loved it


Cake cutting

Boat home

Fireworks just before we arrived at shore

Bouquet toss and garter on the boat

Bus to take us back to main hotel


We loved it, our guests could not say enough about it. Such a fun beautiful site, we are so happy we chose that location.


Our cake melted hahaha we had fondant. Dont use that :)

In the end the girls took care of our decorating. Just bring them what you

want and enjoy the moments. It did go by so fast. We could have opted to

stay longer but honestly w/ all the drinking on the boat, arrival, dinner, dancing drinking...we were all pretty much feeling good. No one fell off the

boat and lots of dancing on there going back as well. Cesaur was the all knowing DJ for us that night, boat entertainment...it was tons of fun. Have a great wedding! We know you will thewave.gif

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thanks for the luna bazaar update! im so glad i already got mine a few weeks ago, just in time. altho i did have to get a color slightly different from what i wanted (got turquoise, wanted the skyblue which was more like tiffany).

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