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Not sure how you feel about him...

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But I personally think Glenn Beck is one of the most honest political commentators out there...


I just watched this and along with laughing at the physical banter between him and Ben Stein I was really upset about the discrimination against the future employees of Florida's government. I do understand that they will pay more for health care for these employees but it's a personal choice to smoke.


I agree that it's great to go into a restaurant or bar and it be smoke free I love it! And being an ex smoker I had no problem going outside to smoke I actually preferred it!


But this conversation raises a great point "What next?" pretty soon we won't have any freedoms, not even in our own home!


YouTube - Glenn Beck w/ Ben Stein - Where there's smoke, there's fired

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I watched him for the first time a few weeks ago when I had nothing else to watch on Mexican TV. I find him to be brutally honest, but a bit smug....

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