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For everyone that recently just got married, what is everyone doing after their weddings? Is anyone having an AHR also? When we get married it will only be the 2 of us so our reception will be a few months after we return. I would like to include my FI's neice and nephew into the celebration at home. Does anyone have any ideas? He will be 4 and she will be 2. I know his SIL wanted the kids to be part of our wedding but it just didn't work out. I wanted to do something special but I am at a loss. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.





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We got married 5/18 and are having our AHR on July 11th. I had originally planed it in June but changed venue and had to take the dates they had available.

We have kids and are going to do a Sand Ceremony with the kids uniting us as a family. I felt bad cause they were not involved in the actual wedding so this is the best thing I could come up with. I hope it works out ok! My step-daugher is 14 and wants to dress up so I am looking for an inexpensive bridesmaids dress and I am going to have her hair done that morning. I just want her to feel special! I already have a dress for our 2 year old (thank god for after easter sales..lol)


You could do honerary flower girls/ring barrer. Get them all dressed up (try some of the secound hand stores or ebay for deals) and make mention of them at the reception. You could even have BM and groomsmen. I have herd other brides talk about doing this. Other than that I am not sure. Hope that helps!

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We are getting married on August 16 and having an AHR on October 4. Ours isn't going to be really formal (I'm not wearing my dress again, we're not doing all the normal stuff like cake cutting, etc.) but we're going to make it nice. We wanted to find a place where we could have more of an "upscale picnic" but in our area it's hard to find a place like that where you can have alcohol. We're going for an "island chic" theme. I'm excited about it, but the amount of money it is costing blows my mind!

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