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Anyone Going to ROR Soon who can help?!?!

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Hello fellow brides,


I know that you have alot going on and I'm sure this may be alot to ask but I was hoping a bride heading to ROR in the next 2 - 4 months could help me out with something.


I have emailed the watersport people at ROR but I'm not having much luck. I may have to email Valeria but I thought I would give this a try since she is busy.


I am hoping to find out if any vendors (etc) offer an afternoon catamaran cruise - say 1pm - 3pm. Even if someone can get me a name, phone number, something that would be great!


I'm having no luck so far finding a company or someone at ROR that offers this. I was hoping to take the wedding party on a small cruise in the afternoon since I am getting married at 11am.


TIA to anyone who is willing to help!!

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Originally Posted by Ellipse22 View Post
Thank you J&M for the email addy!

They got back to me and can arrange a 2 hr cruise for $75 pp. They are offering free beverages and finger foods as wel!!

Not a bad deal ;-)

Thanks again!
You're welcome...you will find Norma great to deal with and the ppl she has working for her are so polite..helpfull etc. She gave us a cell phone to use when they met us at the airport so we could contact her anytime during the week. We called later in the week to set up taxi's for Dunn's and shopping etc.
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