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Bug Spray for $1 and other finds!

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Ok, so I just went to the dollar tree...always a BIG mistake LOL


They have Cutter Backwoods bug spray...water resistant sports formula 8hr...$1 a can! Needless to say I bought a few :)


I also got....Swimmies, a float, a ball (all spiderman) and sand molds (nemo) for our ring bearer and swimmies a float and a round float (carebear) for my best friends daughter (she'll be 13 months when we get married).


They also had awesome Tiki shot glasses (plastic)...4 in a package. I picked a BUNCH up...since all the rooms have liquor dispensors in them, we are including them in the OOT bags.


Last time I went, I picked up some random whale and alligator floats LOL I figured they'd be fun to give the adults random floats too.


I'll post pics of everything a little later, I just spent 2 hours out and about so I have to get some work done LOL

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I thought the nemo sand molds were really cute, i saw them last week. cutterwoods is good bug spray too. I might go get a couple of cans, i already bought bug spray for my oot bags but since then i couple of guests were added on. I think the guests would love the floats. and it would be hysterical seeing a bunch of adults on aligator floats. lol

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