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Hello ladies!!


I was hoping to find a weight loss/exercise buddy/group.


I don't have a lot to lose but I am trying to get into shape and lose a few pounds and a lot more inches before the big day.


I started about a month ago with measurements and just weighed myself Friday am (my new official weigh in day). I am doing measurements tonight as tonight will be 4 weeks since I measured. I'm currently 139lbs wanting to get to at least 130 or less.


I noticed a "Biggest Loser" group but not sure if this is on a monthly basis or what?!?!


Can anyone provide some assistance?

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this round of the biggest loser ends sometime in july, but i'm sure there will be another round. you can certainly join the chat, and i think that you can still join the group and provide your weight on weigh-in day, but you can't win the pot (which is $400+ now).

someone else (ann, alyssa, or maura, to name a few) should be able to give you more info.

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