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Not so Newbie-Vivid Peach

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Hi! I am one of those newbies who has been here since May 07! I am posting here to let you all know I have started my own DVD photo show company.

Some photographers do provide this service already but for those of you who didn't get that service-this is something you might be interested in.


I make custom photo shows from your photos (wedding or other) that are great to share with people who didn't make it to your wedding or just to keep for you to look back at. These are great to have if you host an AHR and want to have a way to show your guests all the fun photos- all you have to do is pop the DVD in and enjoy. These are high quality DVD shows made with professional software.


I have read the vendor rules and promise to be good! :)


The link to my site is in my siggy-please note the site is new and I am working out the kinks and any spelling issues. Let me know if you have questions.

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