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Thanks for the reply! 


Do you know anyone who has had their reception at the Captain Morgan Grill

I would love to see what it looks like!

Also, since its a grill i would assume its close to the beach?

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May 22 2017 !! i think i just replied to another one of your comments on another thread lol 

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Check out YouTube

There's a few video clips of the captain Morgan beach as well as the grill. MishkaDesigns did the uploads as they seem the most accurate of what I remember of that part of the resort.


It doesn't afford you the same privacy at all compared to playa Azul but both my hubby and I said if we had to be relocated to a grill anywhere in the resort, Captain Morgan was the nicest as it had both a covered and open area, and the reception set ups we saw were very beautiful

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I can't believe the hotel sold out on you too!!! So, long story short my original wedding date was Feb 25th.  I started the wedding planning but was still negotiating flight prices.  I went to check on hotel and found out that a vendor came in and bought over 3000 rooms. I was so frustrated..  I hope everything works out for you!!


I'm still considering doing the reception in one of the open air grills rather than on the beach as well.  Just can't decide.  I am also looking into PLaya Azu for the ceremony and reception. I heard this part of the beach is a lot more private.


Hope all is going well so far :)



How many guests did you have at your wedding?  I was told from my WC that unless you have a big wedding count that PLaya Azul looks too big?


I love the picture and location.   I want something more private and away from people.  Do you have any more pictures of oyur ceremony and reception?


Thank you,




You are lucky!  We already had the dates booked, deposits made and half of our guests had already reserved their packages when we found out.  So we couldn't change anything.  And since we had only blocked off a certain number of rooms (since we thought we would add more if we needed to) we basically had to tell our guests it was first come first served.  Once our rooms were all used up, no one else could go.  I was really angry.  I am hoping that they don't use all of their rooms and some will open up closer to the date just in case i have any last minute guests.  

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Hi Everyone,


I'm getting married at the Maya Beach Resort on January 18, 2017. The resort is completely sold out and I am scrambling to find spots for some guests who decided they would wait and wait and now here we are. Here are our choices:

- Mint Breeze Package

- Wedding Planner: Yasmin

- 4pm symbolic beach ceremony

- 6pm reception in the banquet room

- dinner: sea scallops salad, asparagus soup, beef tenderloin, creme brulee

- about 51 guests in total


I do have some questions that I didn't see in the posts above:


1. During your reception program, do you still do the introductions and that if you have a small group? Most of the guests are friends and there will be one table of 6 of my mom's aunts and uncles. Everyone else will know everyone else. 


2. On the spreadsheet that they make you complete, it says this beside our choice of having a minister: 

$300 usd deductede from the wedding package 

Yasmin and I don't always understand each other and she hasn't been able to explain this. She just keeps saying it is included in our package.


3. Does anyone have an uneven wedding party? Did all of your bridesmaids stand on your side and the groomsmen on your hubby's side, traditionally? We have 4 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen. Long story.


4. I don't really want to have to pay for a DJ. $700USD is so outrageous in my opinion. Did your reception do ok without one?


5. For those brides who brought their own decorations/centerpieces, what sorts of things did you bring? I can only go on pinterest for so long before my brain gets scattered lol


6. My daughter will be 2.5 years old and can be a little unpredictable. She'll be our flower girl/ring bearer. Any tips for her walk down the aisle?


Thanks for all your tips and the ones to come :)


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