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  1. I finally got around to writing my review and experience at the Barceló in March 2017! Barcelo Wedding Review.docx
  2. If you have any questions on my review please let me know Barcelo Wedding Review.docx
  3. write a review

  4. @@ashbuoni Can you send me some pictures that Henry took please? I would love to see their work in action, my email is stasia2914@yahoo.com Thank you
  5. @@ashbuoni Does your photographer friend have a website or email I could contact them at? THanks!
  6. @@carolynbauto I have been considering flying our photographer in as well. The prices are outrageous at the hotel and I can't seen to find much cheaper when looking at other businesses. I can't believe its already October.. How time flies.
  7. @@carolynbauto I am getting married a little after you on March 3rd, 2017 at 4pm as well I heard the minister is included in your package but then also heard you need $300 cash for him. I am confused on this as well, sorry I couldn't help here. As far as the wedding party goes, I also have an uneven amount of people. What I am doing is having two guys walk one girl down. Maybe have one one guy walk alone or with your mom and the other ones walk with one girl. I am having the Strawberry Package which includes a DJ but yes $700.00 is ALOT! I am working on center pieces as we speak. I am looking on Pinterest also. I wanted something simple yet pretty but it makes it hard to have glass items especially when flying. I'll keep you posted on things I find I will be having my niece as the flower girl and she is 3. I am giving her a bucket and filling it with flowers to throw on the aisle. I'm hoping this will keep her entertained on her walk lol. You can also have someone walk with her too. I hope this helped a little bit. I have a few additional questions for you 1) What are you doing for a photographer? 2) Have you decided on a hair salon or are you doing your own? Stacy!
  8. @@SamanthaElizabeth I think I saw that threat, about reception location? I'm getting married just a little before you, March 3rd, 2017
  9. These are beautiful thank you! Your dress is gorgeous.. I reserved this area Up next is hair, make up and photographer lol @@TaraW These are beautiful thank you ! Your dress is gorgeous.. I reserved this area Up next is hair, makeup, and photographer
  10. @@TaraW Thanks for this information! Do you have any pictures of PLaya Azul or the set up? I'm trying to get some decorating ideas
  11. @@vida I can't believe the hotel sold out on you too!!! So, long story short my original wedding date was Feb 25th. I started the wedding planning but was still negotiating flight prices. I went to check on hotel and found out that a vendor came in and bought over 3000 rooms. I was so frustrated.. I hope everything works out for you!! I'm still considering doing the reception in one of the open air grills rather than on the beach as well. Just can't decide. I am also looking into PLaya Azu for the ceremony and reception. I heard this part of the beach is a lot more private. Hope all is going well so far @@TaraW How many guests did you have at your wedding? I was told from my WC that unless you have a big wedding count that PLaya Azul looks too big? I love the picture and location. I want something more private and away from people. Do you have any more pictures of oyur ceremony and reception? Thank you, Stacy
  12. @@vida I've never been to the Barceló before but have heard great things about the place. We've been to Playa/Riviera 3 times in the past years just never ventured to this hotel. Any PROS/CONS I should know about? I'm getting more excited but nervous since we've never been there before. Yea, it was a LONG read. A lot of good information! I would stop and then panic that I was missing something important so I kept reading lol.. WE were in the same boat as far as the packages. There's so many little silly things that we could careless about in the Strawberry Package but wanted an outdoor wedding. I HATE the charge for guests over 15 also. We are looking at having roughly 60 guests. Originally, we thought we would maybe have 25ish so we weren't worried about the extra charge but now it's kind of lame lol. What turned you of with the beach weddings? I am worried that people are going to be standing around and its going to be all weird. I'm in the same boat as far as decorations, I can't decide if I will go through the hotel or do my own. My WC has been pretty fast at responding which has been really nice. It kind of goes in waves with responses. I'm hoping he sends me pictures of the ceremony and reception sites soon so I can plan a little bit more. I feel like time is lying by. I've read a lot of reviews that say to either bring additional lights or pay to have lights when having an outdoor wedding, I guess it gets pretty dark. Another thing I am worried about is how windy and cold it will be. Are you having a dance floor?
  13. @@vida Hey! I am getting married at Barceló Maya Colonial March 3rd, 2017!! Not to far from when you are getting married I can try and help as much as possible with all the research I have completed (I read every review on here and other sites lol) which seems to be a lot. DJ- I read nothing but good reviews about the hotel DJ but have also heard they are more spendy than hiring an outside vender. Which wedding package have you decided on? My WC advised me that if I wanted a outdoor beach reception then I needed to do the Strawberry package rather than the mint breeze package. Anyone else hear different? I would love to try and save a little money!! I have a few questions for you if you don't mind? 1) How many guests are you planning on having? 2) Who is your WC? 3) Have you decided on a ceremony or reception are? Talk soon- Stacy
  14. @@WattGriffiths Hey! It's so refreshing to find someone else that is getting married at the same resort and about the same time as I am. I am getting married on March 3rd, 2017. We have decided on the Strawberry wedding package but have started to even consider that now that there are so many extra costs involved and other add on's we want. Most of which are not included in the package. We have roughly 60 people attending the wedding, that additional cost per person is a lot as it is for an add on. What package did you choose on? I have a few questions for you along with some insight as to your questions. Reception/Cocktail: Do you still pick your meal for dinner or eat the buffet? Did you pay the extra hour charge to extent your reception? Where are you hosting your reception if dinner is in the buffet area? Hair/Makeup: I have read numerous reviews as to not have it done by the salon in the hotel, even though I have not research where to go just yet. I'm hoping to find someone that does airbrush makeup that will come to our room. Have you decided on a photographer yet? I am completely struggling with this right now Stacy
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