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  1. Hey @Raelynn34 Raelynn34 thank you for your response! yes i asked my coordinator for it, she went on vacation and didnt get back to me for a while. I have the centerpiece options as well if you want me to send it to you i noticed your looking for pictures of the pool vs beach, im actually taking a trip to Playa del Carmen for New Years i have set up a meeting with my coordinator so i can visit the resort get a visual and some pictures and just clairify a couple things let me know if you want pictures, we are also doing the strawberry package but opted for Captain Morgans grill, We
  2. Hi Ladies does any one have a copy of this "spreadsheet" many are talking about? also, where can i find the vendor fees? does any one know if there is a vendor fees for getting flowers from out of the resort? Im also in search for the centrepeice options. I emailed my coordinator Yazmin about 8 days ago, still have not heard anything, is this happening to anyone else? does anyone have Yazmin sorry for all the questions!
  3. does anyone have any pictures of their reception at the Captain Morgan grille? Thoughts?
  4. Hey @@happyfiance hows the wedding planning going? Im getting married at the Barcelo Maya Colonial in May 2017 love to hear how the planning is going!
  5. @@ashbuoni thats amazing! how was the weather? do you mind sharing some pictures if you can you can email me at sebejarano@@gmail.com Where did u have the reception? (Sorry for all the questions!)
  6. @smfahey @smfahey May 22 2017 !! i think i just replied to another one of your comments on another thread lol
  7. @smfahey May 2017! I got the dinner menu, huppa option, cake option and bouquet options A little overwhelmed, not sure what questions to ask next? Have you decided the package you are going with? we're going with the strawberry package
  8. @@TaraW Thanks for the reply! Do you know anyone who has had their reception at the Captain Morgan Grill I would love to see what it looks like! Also, since its a grill i would assume its close to the beach?
  9. Hello Ladies! Does anyone have any recommendations of where to have the reception to fit 90 people comfortably?
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