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Originally Posted by MonoAmor View Post
Joann! Ive been looking on here trying to see your feedback! Im glad you made it home safe and sound. My aunt told me she met you, I was like WTF where is this girl! I dont think I saw you all week!! Im sorry you had troubles with Dreams. I was kinda in the same boat, I cried the whole first day I was there in the VIP lounge lol. After I realized how bad Dreams effed up I kinda just ignored the wedding the rest of the time and let my Dad talk to them. He kinda was able to sort it out so we got some of what we wanted but for us they tried to charge us more money (Dreams that is). In the end, was it exactly what we wanted? NO! But we still had a great week down there cus Barcelo rocked. I love your pics, they are fabulous! Post a review girl!

To all the other girls, I HATED when people on here would say "once you get there the WC will kick in to gear so dont worry about it now". So I dont want to say that, but I will say that when I met Gabriella she is very competant, but also very busy. She had it more together than my WC from Dreams and she arranged for small things that I never had even thought of. I hope that is a little reassuring.
hahaha! yeah! Your Aunt and I had many great talks... She is a sweetheart!

That girl photographer, who took over the guy... She was ours. We liked her.

As for the crying in the VIP lounge!!! oh yeah! I did A LOT of that too! I was furious! They didnt even have a room for us, when we arrived. It was bad! I wanted to pick up and leave! The first 3 days were terrible! We thought having a DW would be much less stressful than one at home... It ended up being just as bad, if not worse, considering our guests payed over $1500 to be there. I cant believe how badly Dreams Tulum treated us. We were on the verge of taking legal action...(thats why its taken me so long to write about them...)

I cant believe they wanted to over charge you? Thats brutal!!!! We were getting all the extras, we had requested taken care of by them. Good! considering all the hell they put us thru...It should have been the same for you!

As for writing a review... I dont know if Ill write one. Its mostly all negative! I dont think I want to relive it all. But questions... I will answer :) I'' deg be posting pics though!

When are we going to see your picshuh.gif?

Barcelo was a great resort though.. If there was no wedding to factor in... It would have been a good place to have a nice vacation.

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Originally Posted by morenaindc View Post
dreamstbride - did you also bring the chocolate brown runners and sashes? or do they now offer that color?
I did not bring those with me.The wedding coordinator from Dreams Tulum got them for me. I showed her a picture of the deep chocolate brown color we wanted and she arranged for us to have them.

I am positive though that Barcelo can get you the same thing. In any color you want. You just have to ask. And they do charge a bit more for them....

best of luck :)

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Hi, I'm getting married Jan 2010. I don't feel like there's much to do in advance besides reserve your date asap. I don't think the WCs start contacting you until closer to your date.

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