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  1. I'm pretty sure they can do either. I know for the banquet rooms they can do either.
  2. Thanks everyone! I'm going to check out the AE ones too.
  3. Oh bummer...I really like them but we have one guy who's a size 12 and they're out. Darn!
  4. Thanks! They look really nice, I'll check them out.
  5. Hi Ladies! I'm looking for some nice brown leather (or leather looking) flip flop sandals for the groom and groomsmen to wear. They are all in tan suits. I ordered some online, the are brown reefs, but they don't look quite as nice as they did online. Anyone get any good ones for their guys you can recommend? Thank you!
  6. Has anyone had any of these? If so, how were they? -Pesto marinated broiled chicken -pan seared fish medallion -beef tenderloin How was the chocolate fondant? Thanks!
  7. harv0136

    Garter/Bouquet Toss??

    I like the idea of making everyone get up and the winner gets a prize. It's hard to think of a fun idea when you have a small destination wedding. But you don't want to miss out on those fun things either. Keep the ideas coming!
  8. harv0136

    Flower help!

    Who's your WC? Mine is Gabriela and she told me $25 extra for orchids, cala lilies and peonies. I'm like...what does that leave just roses?! Let me know what you hear for prices. If anyone else has any good alternatives I would love to know. Thanks!
  9. I sent a bouquet to my WC that had roses, orchids and peonies. I found out that they charge $25 extra a piece for orchids and peonies. Does anyone know if any good substitues for either of these that might be available in Mexico for cheaper? I'm not too great w/my flowers. I'm looking for a mostly white bouquet. Thanks for the help!
  10. Is this menu only for the strawberry package? Is there a different one for Mint Breeze? Thanks!
  11. harv0136

    Formal AHR?

    I am also having a pretty formal AHR at a golf course near my place w/about 200 guests. We only have about 30 guests coming to our wedding (sibling, parents and close friends). None of our other family members are going which is the main reason we're having this. Plus, it's like having 2 weddings!! We're doing cocktail hour w/apps, sit down dinner, DJ and the works. The wedding party will be wearing their attire and I'll hire a photographer for a few hours. We aren't having a DJ for our wedding in Mexico...just an ipod. We still plan on doing a first dance and father/daughter in Mexico. For those of you having big AHR....are you planning on repeating the whole first dance thing I won't do the bouquet toss, etc. but thought it would be nice to do the dance again. What is everyone else doing? Thanks!
  12. I agree....we're bringing a lot of business to these hotels. Seems like they've been hurting for business lately so they might want to try to accomodate us a little better. we're already paying close to $400 a night to stay here!
  13. Laura4ever, what kind of quote did you get for your cake if you don't mind? I'm looking at something simple, probably 2 tiers. Just curious if they are reasonable. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the tips! Citalli's pics look awesome too, I had a hard time deciding between her and Claudia.
  15. Does anyone have the 2010 menus and know the differences between the menus with the Mint Breeze versus the Strawberry packagae? Thanks!