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ROR Reception: Beach BBQ

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Has anyone here had the actual beach BBQ @ $50/pp?


I can't understand why it's so expensive.

If I do understand correctly it includes the setup on the beach AND open bar? Am I right? Is there more included that I am missing?


it still seems absurdly priced considering going to the Plantation is $500 for 2 hours. That's the cost of paying for the BBQ for 10 people!!! And I am hoping to have over 30! That's $1500+ for a BBQ when we wanted something less casual to start with!


Why wouldn't I choose the Plantation (or Mammee Bay) if this is the case?

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I am personally not having the bbq or renting the disco etc. There are currently only 6 people coming and I figure we can grab a couple of tables at the bar after dinner.


I think the rental of the bar or bbq is optional.


Did you purchase a wedding package? I bought the Royal Package and that includes dinner for up to 40 people...just a thought!

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Originally Posted by amandalovesryan View Post
we just did a beach reception, not a BBQ, had a DJ, bartender and bonfire. the bonfire was 150, and the dj was 150 an hour, the bartenders were, i think, 10/hr/person.

Did you also do supper somewhere before the beach reception? Did you have food at the bonfire or just drinks? Did you have backup reception location in case the weather wasn't co-operating?

Thanks - I love the idea of a bonfire on the beach? Do you have pictures posted somewhere? (I haven't looked yet, I'll admit!)
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