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Hey everyone...I am very new at this I just joined. I am looking at getting married in April 2010. I know it is kinda far away but I would like to have plenty of time. My name is Catherine by the way!!! I am looking into a few places to get married in not really sure where yet. I really like what I have seen and looked up about the Dreams in Punta Cana. So any info would be wonderful.

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Welcome to the forum!


I understand about wanting to have the time to plan. My fiance and I got engaged in November last year and just locked in our date today for 6/6/09. You'll be suprised how quickly the next two year fly!


I looked into Dreams Punta Cana myself. It is a beautiful hotel. I also recommend checking out the Excellence and Paradisus Punta Cana. They are both really beautiful resorts. I would recommend combing tripadvisor.com for reviews and traveler photos to get a good sense of each place. (Don't get caught up though in the negative reviews.)


I would also check out airfare to Punta Cana. We considered it, but after researching the pricing and flight times we decided against it. May be different though since you are on the east coast, not west. Airfare from out here several hundred more than mexico and the shortest flights were like 9-10 hours!


Good luck again, and congrats!

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