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Let the fists fly! (teehee)

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So DH's Uncle/Uncle’s Girlfriend decided to throw a quasi-ATR for both of our families this Saturday.


Anyway, there's some DRAMA between MIL wanting to be involved & the uncle’s girlfriend not feeling the same way. They are best friends too! MIL is shouting "It’s my son's party!" and the girlfriend is pretty much like "This is my house!" rant.gif


NOW it turns out DH's cousins (a set of 5 brothers) have some CRAZY DRAMA going on between them to the point where the entire family is turning against one brother; the one who just happened to be our “Best Man”. There was some bad blood brewing between DH and the best man throughout the entire DW process (severe irresponsibility) and at the DW itself (in my honest opinion, he shouldn’t have showed up if his presence was going to be non-existent during the entire trip except for the ceremony which caused DH so much grief), so these new issues will be realllyyyyy fun to watch! popcorn.gif


Nice little Saturday I'm going to have!

Here’s to new family and a reminder why a DW was the best course of action!

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Oh no! People are so silly sometimes. It's like when you sit back and think about it, are these really issues to get your panties in a bunch over and fight each other? Family drama is always the craziest.


I wish you a peaceful, fist throwing free Saturday! But if someone gets decked, you must post pics of the damage. LOL

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Oh you HAVE to take pics lmao


FI said at his brothers wedding his step-dad and brother ended up punching each other all over the house and he had to intervene and put both of them on their arse lmao they are like the fecking clampits I swear lol


Roll on DW where they are all banned lol

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Wow!!! We are so going to have to share notes after your AHR and my FI tells his mom that his (married) sister is bringing her boyfriend to the wedding!


I LOVE the fact that there is all kinds of drama associated with my DW, and none of it involves me!

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