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Logging Me Off ??

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Hi maybe someone can help...


When I log in and go to play a game in the arcade, before I can even finish playing one round of a game, I get logged off...so when I get a score that can be recorded, the score won't save because I am no longer logged in as a user. please help !?? I want to stay logged in completely, until I, myself, physically log myself out ! rant.gif


Thanks in advance.

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Honestly the logging off thing gets so aggravating that after awhile I don't even want to sign on anymore...no good.


at least I'm not the only one having this problem...and it logs me off when I'm on the forum too, not just on the arcade. At first I thought it was my computer or something wtf.gif

at least I know I'm not the only once experiencing this !

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can you send a PM explaining exactly what you are doing and what browser you are using to Tammy Host


if this is a problem for a couple of people she will want to look into it.

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