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Iâ€m wondering if anyone can help me. I would like to put together an itinerary for everyone going to ROR with us, is there a place I can find out about excursions offered and prices? Also is there a place to get pricing for the spa? Thanks for the help!

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I'm not 100% sure about the excursions other than Dunn's Falls, Horseback riding on the beach, parasailing (sp?) and Jet Skis. You can also take a cab into Margaritaville etc. Depends on where you are staying. The above is for staying at ROR.


I have a list of Spa prices for ROR if you are interested email me at

ellipse22@hotmail.com and I can send them to you ;-)

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Here are a couple of links I found:


Dolphins Cove - Swim with the Dolphins


Barrett Adventure Tours of Jamaica


Bicycle Tour


Dunn's Rivers Falls


Trip Advisor Info On ATV Tour (I couldn't find an actual link to the ATV Tour)


Trip Advisor You may be able to find some info here as well..this is where I found some links.


I think the horseback riding on the beach you may have to get info from the hotel as well as the jet skiing.



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Got these from my TA just a few days ago. They are the ones that Sunquest sent her.....





Names & Descriptions of Tours

** Ocho Rios **


Dunnâ€s River Falls

Visit Jamaicaâ€s No. 1 attraction, Dunnâ€s River Falls. You will climb this amazing work of Mother Nature. Scale the 600 ft limestone rock formation as water cascades past you and splashes into the ocean below. Small pools of water and excellent photo opportunities will greet you along the way.


Days of Operation: Daily Duration: Half Day




Ocho Rios Hilite and Shopping Tour

A unique combination of sightseeing and shopping!!! First visit will be “Fern Gully†where you will view a variety of ferns. Then move on to the Shaw Park, for a tour of the beautiful gardens. Then travel to the business district of Ocho Rios where you may indulge in Duty Free shopping, then to a local craft village for handmade local handicrafts. Then itâ€s off to visit Jamaicaâ€s No. 1 attraction, Dunnâ€s River Falls.


Days of Operation: Tuesday & Friday Duration: Half Day





Black River Safari & Y.S. Falls

This trip takes you through the interior of the rain forest. Pass through villages dotted along the coastline. Journey by boat up the Black River, Jamaicaâ€s longest river, where you'll see exotic birds, plants, and wildlife such as the endangered American crocodile. Take a trip to historic “Bamboo Avenueâ€, then to the Y.S. falls where you can enjoy nature in its natural state, as the cool refreshing water cascades approximately 120 feet into the Y.S. River.


Days of Operation: Tuesday &Thursday Duration: Full Day




Negril Beach & Sunset

For sun, fun and seven miles of white sand beach caressed by the azure blue of the Caribbean Sea. Let your hair down in Negrilâ€s relaxed atmosphere. Travel along Jamaicaâ€s coastal waters, passing through quaint rural villages, historic Lucea harbour and market. At the cliffs, watch the captivating sunset slipping over the horizon.


Days of Operation: Wednesday & Saturday Duration: Full Day




Kingston with a Taste of Blue Mountain & Coffee


Travel inland and enjoy the lush vegetation, experience the breathtaking view of the Blue Mountains then visit Mavis Bank Coffee Factory for a tour. Return via Kingston and take a quick tour of the University of the West Indies before visiting Devon House for lunch (optional) or visit the Bob Marley Museum (Optional). Depart Kingston for home via the National Stadium, down town Kingston across the mountains to Ocho Rios


Days of Operation: Tuesday & Thursday Duration: Full Day


__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____


Reggae & Culture


Drive through the famous Fern Gully turning inland to the mountains – Nine Miles, a quaint village in the beautiful mountains of St. Ann It was here, on the 6th of February the legendary ‘King of Reggae†was born and it is the very same place where he was laid to rest. A tour of Nine Miles is a family affair as many of Bobâ€s close relatives live there. The tour takes you through the house Bob lived as a young boy and your guide will share insights into Bob Marleyâ€s childhood and musical career. Then travel through the hills of our Lush garden Parish (St. Ann) where you will make a stop at one of Jamaicaâ€s revival Churches to experience another of our rich heritage and culture. You will be captivated by what you see and hear.


Then enjoy a delightful Fare at a Jamaican Jerk Center (Optional)


Days of Operation: Wednesday, Saturday (book early/limited Space) Duration: Half Day



Luminous Lagoon


Experience a magical evening at Rock, just outside Falmouth, home of the amazing “Luminous Lagoonâ€. It is one of the most spectacular sights to be found in Jamaica. The water illuminates when agitated and you can see the outline of fish as they swim around.


Not available at Full Moon


Days of Operation: Daily Duration: Half Day




Martha Brae Bamboo Rafting

Seated side-by-side, sit back and relax as an expert rafts man guides you lazily down the river on a 30 ft. bamboo raft. Your rafts man will detail the colourful folklore of the region whilst you explore the lush, tropical riverbanks.


(Children 1 – 3 years old are complimentary/No child rate)


Days of Operation: Monday & Saturday (AM), Wednesday & Friday (PM) Duration: Half Day




The Dunnâ€s River Falls/ Cool Runnings

Relax on your cruise to Crystal Reef where you can work on your suntan or snorkel. Then the exhilarating climb up the cascading waterfall!! On your return complimentary rum drinks are served and the party begins with Jamaican music and the falls as a back drop.


Days of Operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday Duration: Half Day




Real Taste of Port Antonio

Drive along the North coast with a birdâ€s eye view of Noel Cowardâ€s ‘Firefly†where the James Bond series 007 was created. Feel the sprit of Jamaica while passing through rural villages and banana plantations. Next stop is Somerset Falls where you can swim in the river or ride in a small canoe under the falls. You will find yourself feeling as though you are suspended in time with its laid back atmosphere. After the flora and fauna of Port Antonio overwhelms you, a country style lunch will be served, then a little more time to relax and enjoy the private beach at Frenchmanâ€s Cove. Then relax on a 30 foot bamboo raft down the Rio Grande River, made famous by the movie star Errol Flynn.


Days of Operation: Monday, Wednesday & Friday Duration: Full Day




Chukka Cove Jeep Safari

This tour is designed to highlight much of Jamaicaâ€s great beauty, culture and history, which usually remains unseen due to lack of accessibility. Drive through the rugged terrain in a 4 x 4 Land Rover and enjoy a breathtaking 15 minute river walk to the hidden waterfalls. Then swim in the clear mineral waters of the rainforest riverhead. Onboard choice of rum punch, fruit punch or water included.


(Children must be 6 years of age or older to participate)


Days of Operation: Daily Duration: Full Day



Get Wet with the Dolphins

Experience excitement, action and thrills with the dolphins. Choose from the Swim, Touch or Encounter programs. Please see your representative for more information.


Children must be a minimum of 8 years of age to participate in the Swim program/No child rates. Days of Operation: Daily




Horse Back Ridding ‘N†Swim

The 3-hour journey begins as you ride past an old windmill, used in the 1700â€s to power grinding stones. Then start your ascent into the mountains where you can enjoy spectacular views and the flora and fauna of the forest. Then enjoy the highlight of this tour by plunging into the warm Caribbean Sea on the back of your majestic horse. Ride through the ocean and feel the sensation of these magnificent creatures as they demonstrate their ‘Horsepowerâ€.

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Originally Posted by baybride View Post
Ellipse, do you mind also sending me the price list for the spa. Thanks!!

You should be able to click on the link in this thread. It will open up as a PDF file...then save it.

If you have problems let me know and I can email it to you!
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Originally Posted by Kandys View Post
Iâ€m wondering if anyone can help me. I would like to put together an itinerary for everyone going to ROR with us, is there a place I can find out about excursions offered and prices? Also is there a place to get pricing for the spa? Thanks for the help!
Try Lee's Tours and Taxi They are AWESOME people to deal with and prices are great

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