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Help With Dress Alterations..

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Hey everyone,


So today I think I might have found my dream wedding dress while searching online. The only problem is how will I know what size to buy?? I wear a size 12on a day to day basis. I know many brides on here purchase their dress ONLINE, but my question is what if when I get it, it turns out to be too small or too big, Then what? Will a nearby Bridal Salon such as David's Bridal do alterations for me, you think? Also, I was wondering, what about the length of the dress?? I'm not sure what to do wacko.gif Please Help.

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Each dress maker should have sizing information available online. Always go with the sizing recommendation of that particular brand since all designers use different measruement guidelines.


Is the dress brand available in any stores? If so, go there and try it on and get measured and use those measurements when ordering.


David's does not do alterations on dresses bought elsewhere. I am not sure about other big-name bridal salons ... but most independent salons will do alterations on any dress for you.

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Thanks for your help guys. Unfortunetly, they only have one bridal store that carries that dress in Illinois. I really don't want to have to go all the way out there just to try it on. But maybe my Maid of Honor & I can take a road trip soon. Oh well, if not I'll def. get it 2 sizes bigger online. Thanks so much for the feedback.

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