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2 questions for Moon Palace Cancun brides

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Hi, maybe someone that is further along in their planning with Moon Palace Cancun can answer 2 questions for me...


#1...is there a fee for outside vendors ? and if so, how much?...want to bring in my own photog.


#2...will the WC at Moon Palace take a shipment if I send it in early or do they not accept shipments? I'm just wondering how I'm gonna get all my stuff over there...favors, etc.





Thanks in advance !

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CRAP ! voodoo.gif


Not what I wanted to hear for either answer ! $hit! rant.gif


Thanks for the quick response you guys...


So another ? then, how are you getting favors, wedding dress, etc. over there if they don't accept shipments ? parents suitcases? in-laws suitcases? MOH/BM suitcases ?

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We got married there in april . they dont allow outside vendors ebven if you offer to pay. we sneaked vincent from del sol in, pretending he was a friend but caused me a lot of stress worrying he wouldnt get in! I bought a special box and carried my dress in hand luggage jusyt to be safe


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A few people from this site have had outside vendors in, but by them being a guest at the hotel. I am going to bring this up before I sign the contract, because having a professional photographer is a big deal to us. Going by what people have said/done on here so far, there shouldn't be too much of a problem, just means we need to pay for photographers accommodation but I think its worth it for the end result.



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