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I was so happy picking my place. All that weight off my shoulders. All I had to do was give everyone my TA info, Easy peasy! TA calls me to say that SunQuest has changed my dates, which normall wouldn't be a huge deal except my DOD was Jan 1st. They moved it to Dec. 29th with a $400 pp increase in the fare!! I don't think so! So now my TA is trying to work out a deal to keep the fares the same or we are starting all over at resorts. She also says there is no way to prevent them from moving the DOD again. If you are with SunQuest I would make sure you are still a go for the date you are booked.

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Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek View Post
that's ridiculous, $400 is frickn insane. SunQuest is an airline in canada?
SunQuest is an airline with vacation packages. So we book everything through them. Air, hotel, transfers... One price AI. In Canada they have the exclusives to Riu resorts. No other carrier (except some place called holiday House which I can't find any contact info on) will do packages to the Riu's.
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