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DJ: Mannia Cancun review

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I got married in Barceló on May 7th.

I had Carlos Martínez from "Mannia Audio Video e Iluminaciòn Profesional".


Carlos Martínez

Mannia Audio Video e Iluminaciòn Profesional

Tel/fax (998 ) 889 9226

MANNIA - Audio, Video e Iluminación Profesional



What a great guy!!!! Very nice and professional.

I'll start by saying that before I even got to Mexico I loved the fact that he responded on my every single e-mail I sent to him within 15 minutes. He answered my every singe question and trust me I had a lot of them :)

Then we decided to have a meeting 2 days prior the wedding at the lobby of the resort to talk things over. He showed up exactly on time- not a minute latter. It's hard to find punctual people these days and for me it's VERY important.

Finally the wedding day. I can't even think of a one thing he did wrong.

He introduced us, let people know when it was a cake cutting time. He played the music I wanted and didn't play what I didn't want.

So the bottom line is I'm so happy I got him as a DJ for the wedding.

People loved the illuminated dance floor, the white long and skinny balloons that appeared from nowhere. So I can't thank him enough for making my wedding so much more special. And the best part of it is that you can have all that for such a low price!!!!!!!


So thank you Carlos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smile03.gif

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I thought I read somewhere that he provides "cold fireworks". Does anyone know what these are? I was looking for fireworks that explode up in the sky. Has anyone heard of who might provide that and what the cost might be?!!


Thanks so much in advance!


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I went to Carlos site and emailed him, I still haven't heard anything from him it's been about 2- 3 weeks now. It doesn't sound like him. I was wondering if someone had his personal email address?

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