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Finally Decided on Mexico-theme Favor!

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Originally Posted by nikkianddean View Post
Have you heard of the hot sauce diet? This doctor put hot sauce (I like to think it was tapacio) on everything and he lost a ton of weight. Not hard to figure out how that worked....who the hell wants their mouth on fire all day, every day?
you know what? i am sooo not into spicy things, it just burns my mouth! but somehow lately as my tastebuds get older, i really like it! i've been using it on a lot of things and i think it actually makes me feel much more satisfied. i think because of it having so much more flavor than the bland ole' food i usually always eat, it just makes me feel like i had real food!! haha :)
Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
how about "love is the spice of life"
alyssa, i REALLY like that! short and spicy, wink.gif
Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
i love it!
me too!

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