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Mommies to be check in

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#1001 Spazz

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    Posted 01 January 2009 - 06:41 PM

    Originally Posted by SheaS

    Just checking in again.... Mo, we only have 32 days to go!
    So far things are good; I just had an appt. and there is no action with the cervix yet. I was expecting that I guess.
    I am up 40 pounds! My doctor wasn't too excited about that! Mo, although you had to suffer, it must be nice to not have gained hardly any weight! I hope that I don't have any problems loosing it!

    How much did you ladies gain with your pregnancies? How long did it take to lose it, and did you lose all, some or none of it?
    Good to see you around, Shea! I can't believe how close you are.

    I've put on about 20 lbs. so far. I'm lucky b/c I've felt great this entire pregnancy and have been able to keep up my regular workout schedule. With about 8 weeks to go, my goal is stay under a total of 30 lbs. gained. I'm really hoping it comes off quick b/c I'm a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding 5 weeks after my due date...ahhh!

    Originally Posted by BarefootBride
    Hi ladies! This is my first post as an official mommy to be. I think I posted before congratulating everyone... little did I know, our one try would cause me to be 18 lbs heavier with 62 days to go!
    I havent even had time to post pictures or a review of the wedding!

    Originally Posted by Sarah
    I'm doing well... 17 days to go. It goes by sooo fast.

    I'm up 25lbs from my start weight, but considering I was about 30lbs overweight to start with I've got a lot to lose after the baby arrives.

    We're moving the furniture into the nursery this weekend (at long last!) and I think we're almost ready. Not a moment too soon!

    I have another appt tomorrow, but 2 weeks ago I was dilated to 1 and thinning out. I have contractions constantly which vary from 5-15 minutes apart most of the time, but occasionally go 2-3 minutes apart for an hour or so. My body is getting ready. Holy cow this is coming up fast!
    I can't believe how close you are. It seems like just yesterday you announced you were pregnant. It sounds like it's going to be any day now...keep us posted!

    Originally Posted by Angel
    Hey everyone, glad that everyone is doing well. My ultrasound went well, they said they baby is measuring a few days earlier than schedule and everything looks perfect. I go for another on Feb 20th, right before we leave for Cancun. I was surprised that she could tell what it was already. I thought it was too early but she said you could see a little something IF it was there. So, she told us it was a girl. I'm still not cinvinced so we'll see what happens in another 6 weeks. Maybe because I wanted a boy. But as long as he/she is healthy.
    That does seem early to be able to tell, but your doctor would know better than I...lol! Congrats on your little girl!

    Originally Posted by TA Maureen
    So to the girls later in their pregnancy, do we get any more ultrasounds? Are you scheduled for any? I haven't checked in on Tiny Tim since 22 weeks and I'm just wondering if I should check him out again one more time before birth
    I asked my doctor if I get any more u/s, but she said only if they're concerned or if I'm past my due date. I would love to see the baby again, but no such luck.

    #1002 Kelly C

    Kelly C
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      Posted 02 January 2009 - 05:34 PM

      Well girls I had my appointment this morning. I had my Ob appointment first. And she scared me to dealth and couldnt find the heart beat so she had to do the ultrasound to find it.. She did but until then I was in panic mode. Then I had my adavance fetal medicine appointment. I had to have an U/S for the downs. Everything there went well. The baby was very active and gave the tech a hard time. My tech wouldnt give me an idea of the sex of the baby. I have to wait until 21 weeks to find out. I wish I could know so I could start getting things together.

      Oh, and I haven't gained any weight yet. But I had some to loose before hand.

      Hope everyone is feeling well.
      Kerrington Danielle was born 6/23/09 12:31 pm 7lbs 14oz.


      #1003 Bisha

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        Posted 05 January 2009 - 01:58 PM

        Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek
        Hey girls just checking in. Wanted to add myself to the mommies to be thread but i'm really early. I dont have many symptoms but i've been crying at the drop of a dime. I was arguing with dh over the weekend, not anything big just a lil disagreement and i started to cry. It was nothing to cry over, i couldnt even tell you what it was about. Other than that ive just had major heartburn about 6 times, light cramps, and my boobs are tender (and slightly bigger I have some actual cleevage now lol).

        hows everyone else feeling?
        Yei Danielle! Congratulations!!!!! I'm guessing this means you're having a weddingmoon baby

        #1004 Bisha

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          Posted 05 January 2009 - 02:18 PM

          Congrats to all the other new moms! and especially to all those who will be sharing baby pics with us pretty soon!!!! You're soooo close! How exciting!

          I'm doing well! 19 weeks and counting. We go for the anatomy scan this Friday morning and I can't wait!!! I told DH he has to have his first serious pep-talk with our child; spread 'em wide for mommy and daddy to see if mommy's intuition is right! :) LOL

          I have put on about 6 lbs and am keeping to a pretty active workout regiment. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it going as long as possible. I'm also thinking of signing up for prenatal yoga classes but, haven't gotten around to that yet. I finally started showing a little but I'm still very small for 19 weeks; I'll post a pic later (dont have it here at work). Oh and I've been feeling movement since 16 weeks. Got kicked a lot the one day and have been feeling slight movement about once a day since. Baby seems to really like the cat and kicks every time he comes to sit on my lap:) Very cute!

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            Posted 05 January 2009 - 02:41 PM

            Hey girls,

            I just wanted to stop by and check on you all. Congrats to all the newly preggo! Sorry I don't get on as much lately. The holidays were very busy for us!

            Mo- I'm so excited for you. My doctor actually did an ultrasound at 36 weeks to check Hannah's size. But it was SO off! She was about 1 1/2 lbs more than predicted. So you might get another look!

            Bisha- Good luck at your scan on Friday. I hope your little one co-operates!

            Angel- The ultrasound pics are so cute! You will be so happy to have those early ones once your little one gets here. And yes, 13 weeks seems awfully early for a gender determination. My doctor wouldn't even check until 16 weeks. But she was correct then.

            Well, as for me and Hannah. She is growing like a weed. She is 2 months old today. She's a fussy baby and very demanding. But it's worth it. Our baby carrier has been a lifesaver! I'm hoping this will be her last fussy month! The crazy thing is I still want another baby, even with her fussiness! I think I have convinced Steve, too. So we are thinking about trying again in the summer. Crazy, early I know. But Steve is no spring chicken! LOL. So we want to have our next ASAP so Steve isn't 70 raising kids. :-)

            I'll keep checking in on everyone. I can't wait to start seeing these beautiful babies!

            #1006 Mrs. Martin

            Mrs. Martin
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              Posted 05 January 2009 - 07:00 PM

              Angel- your u/s pics are sooo cute! I can't wait to be able to see my baby's profile instead of just a little lima bean!

              I hope the rest of you preggos are doing well! I had my 8 week appt last week and it went well. My doc didn't do much other than ask me some questions and then she did an u/s with that probe thing again (i'm really starting to hate that thing, when will they do an u/s just over my belly?!). Last time we were able to see the heart beating (at 6 weeks) and this time we were actually able to hear it and it was really special because my mom was with me and she was just amazed by it all. So, everything is good so far.

              I'm starting to get a little pouch and I'm thinking it's still too early, right? However, when they checked my weight, I have gained exactly 2 pounds from the time I was about 4 weeks until now. I can for sure see a difference especially because my jeans are starting to feel very uncomfortable.

              #1007 Kelly C

              Kelly C
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                Posted 05 January 2009 - 07:08 PM

                On friday when I had my u/s they did it from the outside. So probably your next one you should get rid of the probe.

                I went and got a belly band from motherhood. They are lke $18. That way i can still where my clothes, just unbutton my pants. The little guppy needs to breath.

                Glad to hear you guys are all doing well.
                Kerrington Danielle was born 6/23/09 12:31 pm 7lbs 14oz.


                #1008 Bisha

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                  Posted 06 January 2009 - 03:36 PM

                  Karma - Thank you for the well wishes:) Hannah is just too cute! They really do grow up too fast, dont they? I hear you about having a second one soon; as scary as it is to think about, I dont think we'll wait more than a year or 2 between kids either. Hopefully, the economy will cooperate:)

                  Mrs. Martin - I'm actually thinking of getting the belly band too. My SIL gave me a bunch of her maternity pants but, they're really big on me and most of my clothes fit but are just too tight, especially the jeans. I'm actually wearing her pants with my husband's belt right now! :) LOL

                  Maureen - Thank you for your well wishes as well. I honestly can't wait for Friday; I think I'll go bonkers counting down the days! :) LOL

                  So, how's everyone feeling today? I feel like I've been hit by a ton of bricks
                  I barely got any sleep tonight, kept waking up and tossing and turning which is not like me at all. I can usually sleep through a nuclear war! This seems to happen more and more with weather changes; they're forcasting a wintry mix for our area tonight so I'm wondering if it has anything to do with that. Also, my left shoulder hurts. It's been hurting since yesterday morning and I thought I was sleeping funny but, it's not going away. I called my PT to see if she has some recommendations for me or if she's going to want me to come in. I really dont want to take any pain killers either. I hate feeling like this!

                  #1009 Angel

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                    Posted 06 January 2009 - 10:24 PM

                    Well I've been feeling like crap since day 1. I've never felt like this with my other 2. I hope it goes away soon. Other than that everything is good.

                    #1010 Mrs. Martin

                    Mrs. Martin
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                      Posted 09 January 2009 - 02:55 PM

                      Hi everyone! I have a question for all of you-

                      Did you ever get craving for ice? I'm obsessed with chewing on ice right now! But, my teeth are starting to hurt and I can't seem to stop chewing. Is this normal?

                      Also, kind of a personal question-

                      Did any of you NOT want to have sex during your first trimester? I've been scared to because I keep thinking I'm going to hurt the baby. We finally had sex last night for the first time since I found out I was pregnant and it wasn't comfortable for me and I couldn't really get into it. The whole time I kept thinking about the baby. How did you all feel about it?

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