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Help..Braclet for Mom & FMIL

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Okay, Im getting my mom and FMIL a thank you gift for throwing my shower. I already got both of them a beachy purse for Cabo. I was hoping to get them a bracelet of some sort. Im thinking something medium sized with some fun big beading or colored stoneshuh.gif Not sure if my explanation is making sense...and quite honestly I cant find an example pic of what im thinking. I just thought I would go to you guys...Thanks for the help girls!!smile03.gif

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Originally Posted by dragonfly View Post
How about something like this, I bought my mom a necklace similar to this with all of her grandchildren, and her 3 children 12 crystals in total, she loved it and it was soo much prettier then I thought it would be. She actually wore to my wedding she liked it so much.

MOTHER'S DAY FAMILY BIRTHSTONE BRACELET SILVER GOLD+ - (eBay.ca item 330225494939 end time 10-Apr-08 22:38:48 EDT)
I love this idea! I think I might have to steal it. I think both my Mom and FMIL would love something like this.

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