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Videographer and DJ Question

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Didn't know where to put this since it's about both Videographer and DJ....


Has anyone actually used:

Videographer - Mike (Miguel Cantarell )cancunweddingvideo

DJ - Mannia Audio Video e Iluminaciòn Profesional


I read the posts where girls referring to them as they heard they were good, but Iâ€ve never read the actual review about their work.


Please help!


Thanks a lot.

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For what it's worth, Mike is the preferred photographer at the Paradisus. He's married to Claudia Rodriguez. His work is pretty good from what I've seen.


I've booked Mannia Audio for our wedding, and Carlos seems great - he's actually going to come and meet us when we go down for our site visit - which I think is a very good sign. Plus, very affordable.


That being said, I haven't actually used either, so I can't give you a review.

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Originally Posted by Allaballa View Post
Mike did my video and Claudia's brother did my photos. They are both spectacular. The video is just amazing I'm very pleased and highly recommend him.
Sounds great. How long did you hire him for??
Was your video edited?? I mean did he give you any raw footage of the wedding?? Do you have all the toasts, dances, and people on tape??
Is the music during the whole video or you can hear people taking? Like when you say your vows for example..??

Is there any way i can watch your video??

Sorry for so many questions. smile105.gif

Thank you!

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