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Wedding Disaster: location closing down....


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So today I got a phone call from the Business Office at The Lodge at Molokai Ranch - the Lodge is unexpectedly and suddenly closing their doors FOREVER as of April 5th (yes 2 weeks!).


To find out why read this article: Molokai Ranch Shuts Down (UPDATED 3PM 3/25) - The Molokai Times


So our wedding there is canceled - the GOOD NEWS is that they are planning on returning ALL of our deposits (and our guests) by next week. They have also made some recommendations for other locations (on different Hawaiian Islands).


FI and I made contact with those places today along with TA Dina and we are sorting through our options.


We have 35 guests booked at The Lodge, 17 of them have non-refundable airfare booked to Hawaii.


So, there goes our Molokai wedding, after 6 months of planning out every detail - down the drain - I think that is the most frustrating part - having to start oversmile105.gif with the details!


This is a really big tragedy for many other people, much bigger than our wedding - the Lodge is the largest employer on the Island of Molokai so this sudden shut down will virtually crush the entire (already fragile) economy. I feel so sad for all those people that are losing their jobs and what is to come there sad.gif

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omfg alyssa!!!!!! im so sorry to hear that. i read the article and thats just terrible. keep us updated on what youre doing, how we can help if at all etc etc. sending a HUGE hug to you and K!!!!!

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OH MY GOD Alyssa! I can't even begin to imagine what you are feeling right now. I am so upset for you! Please keep us updated.

So weird that you just asked that question about paying deposits.. WHOA!


And what a blow to the Island! That is SO sad!

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omg! I can't even imagine... that must be devastating for their community... and for you! I am amazed at how well you are handling it. I'm sure you will get everything sorted out... but what a bummer! Can't wait to hear your plans though, I'm sure you will figure out something great.

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That is awful Alyssa. You've done so much work, i can only imagine how hard it would be to start over. And your so sweet thinking how it affects the people who work there and on the island. That's very considerate of you. i'm glad to hear that you and all of your guests are going to get your deposits back, that is a lil bit of good news. Goodluck with your planning.

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alyssa... im totally freaking out for you and i cannot believe this. did you have any wedding insurance? how much OOT and other things now have to be redone?? anything? seriously, just tell us how we can help if you need it. you know we're here for you!

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