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Tattoo Parlor's on Big Island?

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Does anyone know of any tattoo parlors on BI? FI and I are thinking about getting some tattoo's on our honeymoon. We want to make appointments and get in touch with the artists in advance b/c the work we have in mind isn't quite 'walk-in' stuff.


Also - if anyone is going to Hawaii in the next 2 months and is able to pick up a newspaper or resources for this - I would really appreciate it!!! :)

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I am not sure of any off hand.


I will definitely take a look around online for you and ask a few people who are in the know.


Any particular city you are looking for? Is the Big Island the main one with Honolulu and all that? I have no clue about Hawaii.


One more thing.. What style tattoo are you guys looking for? Just curious as there are artists I would go to for certain styles but would not let them touch me if I wanted different styles.

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