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Thank you everyone!!! Serious credit is owed to FI, who spent 2 whole weekends sitting on the couch with me putting all those together. I couldn't have done it without himsmile159.gif


Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
I'm going to show mike your house picture so he knows I'm not the only one with a section full of boxes & bags.


Your invites look great!

That's nothing! I should have taken pictures before we sent all the vases, chargers, and OOT bag fillers to NY for shipping! I remembered AFTEr my parents brought everything home with them that I didn't take pictures of any of it to post here smile105.gif


Originally Posted by Alyssa View Post
Galit - they look AMAZING - your guests will definitely be impressed!!!


sidenote -i was surprised to see Shrimp on the RSVP card - aren't most of your guests Kosher?

Alyssa... you have no idea what kind of drama that caused! Only about 10 people at the wedding are strictly kosher, then we have atleast another 20 that would eat non-kosher meat but nothing "blatantly un-kosher" ie shellfish and pork. Not to mention the Rabbi we are flying down for the wedding! I thought it was inappropriate to have it at the wedding, but I was in the minority... and once it was decided that we would serve it, we couldnt leave it off the card because then you run the risk of semi-kosher (will eat non-kosher beef but not shrimp) ordering something they can't eat.


We ended up coming up with a compromise that I think worked out well: because we are having all the kosher meals catered and everyone coming has already booked, we just didn't send RSVP cards to anyone that we knew was getting a kosher meal. Most of those people are flying in from Israel and didnt reall expect an rsvp card anyway (they dont do those in Israel) so it wasn't even an issue. Also, the Rabbi did not get an rsvp card which I am sure he didnt miss either since he is obviously coming.

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galit those look really great, i wish i had time to DIY invites as beautiful as yours!


and good way to handle the kosher situation. i had friends do something similar for their jewish wedding and it worked out perfectly.

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