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So I finally picked a dress... and sent all the others back (online orders).. and 2 weeks later, with 2 weeks to go, it doesn't fit me! It did, now it doesn't. Everyone loses weight before the wedding, how do I gain 8 pounds in 2 weeks! And I know my body, I won't be losing it.... I've got 8 years in the military, I know my body and how it works- so please no phoo-phooing it, trust me when I say it won't be gone.

Where can I get a dress with 2 weeks notice? I'm slightly pear-shaped, very simple taste and hate satin with a passion. Can anyone give any advice?? Oh geez....

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Is it possible to get it altered? I bought my dress at a sample sale and its a size 10. I'm a size 4! The seamstress did a wonderful job!


Also, you can consider a bustier to give you more padding. Just don't make it a tightening one. One of my bridesmaids is thinking of doing that since her strapless became loose in lieu of taking it in.


Good Luck!

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