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I love our clueless men!


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Last night Doug says, "You're gonna have to start saying 'My real friend so-and-so' or 'My computer friend so-and-so' " before I tell him something someone said.



I was telling him how some friends keep offering to help me with wedding stuff like putting together the favor tags and all the other little things. He was like, "What are you gonna do, send them in a box to them and have them send it back?" He was thinking of the Secret Cupid box he mailed for me. I was like what are you talking about? And he said, "Well don't they live all over the country?" And I got it! He's gotten so used to me talking about everyone on BDW that when I actually do talk about my AHF (haha, At Home Friends!) he doesn't realize! It cracked me up!



And also made me want to thank all of you for being more helpful than all my AHF who keep offering but when I suggest something I need, they flake out sad.gif


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I love boys! Mike would totally say something like that!


I don't know what I would do without my BDW friends and all of thier wonderful advice! My AHFs mean well but they 1) don't get it and 2) can't seem to find the time to help!

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Originally Posted by Betsy View Post
AHF ( did you just make that up? LOVE IT)
yup! i think, anyways! sorry if someone thought it up first!
Originally Posted by JamaicaBride062108 View Post
My AHFs mean well but they 1) don't get it
well, for 1, they are not getting married, and for 2, if they are they are too busy with their own stuff. for some reason all us brides on here are so busy trying to find ideas, that we get excited to share our own, and that in turn helps someone else altogether!
Originally Posted by DreaW View Post
oh yeah, now I have to memorize that name too"
Yeah, I'm just waiting for that! A few more name drops here and there.. I did tell him that after the Seattle meeup next week that I'll have to come up with something totally different to call those people, cause they will be computer friends AND AHF! haha!
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