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Nominate your MothM for February!

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Hi ladies (and gents). I'm changing the rules slightly since the forum has grown so much and I can't keep up with all the nominees.


So here they are:


Please limit your choices - 1 nominees per category (if you post more, only the first nominee will count)


The winners from the past 3 months cannot be nominated.


January: Tami (foxytv) and Melissa (Raeka)

December: Jessica (JessicallovesBrian) and Alyssa

November: Maria (MikkiStreak), Carly (carlymcmullen) and Julie (JulieG)

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hmm I would like to nominate Tammy (host) as Mrs. of the month. She has been working her butt off to make sure the forum is running smooth, while taking care of Jack and her business.


I will have to come back for BTB

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