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Shimmery crystal decoration thingys for my flowers

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I always try to find the answer before I post a thread and again, no luck with this one. Carly sent me a link for feather bouquets and I saw this picture on the site and LOVED it. Of course it didn't give me detail on what they were...uuummm unless of course I missed it! fryingpan.gif It gave me the idea of adding just a tiny touch of these to our flowers for alil shimmer. (wink wink) Now here's the question of the day: What the F are these things called? They are lil tiny strands of crystals or something that peop's add to flowers, or I've seen them on xmas trees before...I'm guessing Michael's Craft will have them but need to know what they are called... holla back!


Click the image to open in full size.

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Originally Posted by KellyandMatt08 View Post
I tried to make these. I didn't end up liking them as a bouquet by itself. Its just swavorski crystals twisted on to wire.
I was going to add just a few to their and my flowers, but not too much b/c I can see it turning tacky. What do you think?

And LADYCHEESE ( i dont know how to quote more than one person) yes those links are great thanks! I'll have to look into them further...
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