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Have you exercised today?

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This is my 1st time posting in this thread...


and I am proud to report that since I got an elliptical machine at the end of November (and have been working my 2nd job running around at a deli a few nights a week), I have already lost 11.5 pounds ( + or - a pound or so either way for water weight fluctuations!)



40 min. on the elliptical (450 cal burned)

80 varied crunches

144 varied curls with 10 lb. weights


My goal is to lose atleast another 5 lbs. before I go to my first dress fitting in March, and another 5 or so lbs. after that before we leave in May, bringing the grand total to 20 lbs. -- wish me luck! Nothing like fitting into your dress and wedding pics that will be around FOREVER for some motivation, huh?


GO GET 'EM, GIRLS! wink.gif

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