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Have you exercised today?

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Good job Seaprincess!!! Do what you can during the holidays and we will all get back into the swing of things next week. grouphug.gif



Originally Posted by seaprincess View Post
After a week and a half hiatus, I went back and did 50 min of spin and 20 minutes of upper body weights today! Felt sooo good to burn off some christmas calories!

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I couldn't get to the gym last night b/c DH worked late and had the car, so I improvised and did a half hour of plyometrics and abs in my livingroom. The only problem is that my dog thinks its playtime everytime I lay down on the floor, so he was jumping all over me! Despite this, I'm feeling it in my quads today.


I only have to work until noon today, so this afternoon I'll be heading to the gym to get in some cardio before getting ready for tonight.


Happy New Years and best of luck in 2010 all my fitness minded BDW'ers!!

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