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Where to start - suggested hotels/area?

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Hi All.


Im just starting out and Im looking for a little advice on area/hotels etc


My FI and I have narrowed it down to getting married in Mexico. We like the look of the Riviera Maya area but seeing as we've never been to Mexico I am open to suggestions of other areas.


Any suggestions on resorts/hotels?


We are going to be around 25, with one small child so it can't be an adult only resort.



Thanks in Advance


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Gosh, the world is really your oyster. Or should I say Mexico is your ceviche. Okay, I am being lame.


Anyhow, try looking in the Mexico area of the site. There are so many places to choose from.


I initially was going to have my wedding in Cabo, but once I joined the forum I changed my venue to Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta.


Good luck!

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Finding just the right spot can be very difficult. So many past brides have been so kind in posting so many photos and reviews read as many as you can. Figure out what's most important to you & your guests keeping price in mind. Remember you can't please everyone!


Keep us posted.

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Hi Lou. The Riviera Maya is beautiful. Give us a little bit more detail about what you are looking for and maybe we can help better. Are you interested in a smaller resort or do you prefer the larger mega resorts? Is a secluded area for your wedding important? Does there have to be a lot of nighlife or entertainment? etc.

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