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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by PlayaWeddings I live here in Playa and have been doing weddings here for 4 years. I think the best month for a wedding is November. The rain slows down and it's still warm. The sea is still warm from the summer. The tourists don't arrive in earnest until Christmas so it's not so crowded. Our tourist season here starts in December and November is at the end of low season. People earn much less money during low season so everyone in the tourist business is eager to please and start earning money again. In January and February it gets very windy and it gets cool. When you get both it can be pretty cold. The high winds can make for very challenging conditions for beach weddings. You need some luck to avoid the winds. I've had great weddings during these months. Your best bet is to bring the reception indoors away from the wind. March and April are the highest part of the season. Lots of tourists and lots of weddings. The weather is great but you should plan ahead for these months. The more private you can make it, the better. We got married last year at the beginning of May. I like May, it's hot but the nights are really nice. May and June are very busy for weddings and these are at the end of everyone's seasons. Everyone is working a lot during these months. Since weddings happen late in the day and the night, the weather is really good for outdoor events. Probably the least chance of a rain-out. In July it gets too hot and we usually get away until September. September and October are really nice months here for us, but it rains a lot so it's not so nice for weddings. It's a great time to visit though. Everyone is psyched for the new season and we get some perfect days weather-wise. And there is no competition for space. Hi Paul, Thanks for the information, its really useful to hear from someone who actually lives over there and knows about the wedding industry. As I said we've had conflicting information from websites, so its nice to have some info from a local. I think we have decided to go for the first two weeks in May 2010, sounds like its gorgeous out there then. We just have to decide what hotel to go with now, there are so many to choose from. Thanks again for the info you've been a great help
  2. I actually love the heat, I was thinking more. Suggestions of when it would be out of hurricane season but not so hot that I would need to get married in a bikini What sort of temps do they have in Dec/Jan?
  3. Hi all, We are looking to get married in Mexico and have narrowed it down to the Riviera Maya Area. We are looking at 2010 but are unsure of when the best time of year to have our wedding. From yours/others experience what months do you think would suit a wedding, as websites seem to all be giving different information? Thanks in advance Louise
  4. You look both look gorgeous, such a lovely wedding! Thanks for sharing
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by blinkgrl119 Well we aren't really using them as invites as such! We have been engaged for a few years now, and decided in the new year to set the date for 2010. So to surprise people we got these bottles made, and they come in cardboard presentation boxes. So it was like giving people a present with the surprise inside! It was a great way to surprise people - gave them a real feel for a wedding abroad! We will send out the official invites nearer the time!! xx If you dont mind me asking where did you get the boxes from to put the bottles in?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by blinkgrl119 hee hee gutted just means ragin or sad! i want to book now!!lol Waw thats good to hear someone else joined this forum away in advance too! Now we have set the date, I just want to get everything organised and make the event perfect! Thats the whole idea of planning it 2 years in advance!hee hee We have pretty much chosen everything tbh, its just the waiting game now for the hotel to be booked, then everything else can start getting booked to go with it! Can't wait!! xxxx I thought that I was mad joining the forum so early, we arent planning on getting married till sept/oct 2010! Although we haven't set a final date yet, we have a rough idea. I like to be organised though and am going to book the hotel etc as soon as I can, when I decide which hotel in Mexico to go with that is. When have they told you that you will be able to book yours? Its nice to meet another bride from the UK who is also planning so far ahead x
  7. I live in the UK and we measure our petrol (gas) in Litres, at the moment we are paying £1.16 a litre. Which converts to approx $8.39 US, so you guys have got a long way to go to catch up with the astronomical prices we are currently paying for fuel. I sure hope it does go down soon as the cost of filling our cars up for work is crippling us, but with current trends and oil prices as they are I can't really see it happening
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyInMI Hey there Lou, I just donated you some points to be able to open the attachments. You can earn more points by browsing the threads, making posts, and even playing in the arcade at the top of the screen. Let me know if you have any problems opening them. Thanks for the points and the info, the invites are fab thanks for letting me have the templates they will be a great help when I come to make mine.
  9. Hi All. Im just starting out and Im looking for a little advice on area/hotels etc My FI and I have narrowed it down to getting married in Mexico. We like the look of the Riviera Maya area but seeing as we've never been to Mexico I am open to suggestions of other areas. Any suggestions on resorts/hotels? We are going to be around 25, with one small child so it can't be an adult only resort. Thanks in Advance Lou
  10. I don't have enought points to open this document, as a newbie not sure how I get points. Is there any chance you could email the powerpoint document to me please, my addy is louisecj21@hotmail.com Thanks in advance Louise
  11. Your stuff is wonderful I wish I was as talented. Hope you enjoy your special day!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by AmyInMI Ok, I am having a hard time keeping up with all of the requests for templates. Like I had mentioned a few months ago to those of you who PM'ed me, I have misplaced the actual files (on a zip drive somewhere, I need to find it!!) but here is a generic template. Enjoy!! Hi Sorry to be a pain but I cant open the attachments as I dont have enough points or something? Any chance you could email them to me instead? Thanks in advance Lou x
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by KayKay Jen, I hear ya! I pretty much have my mind made up that I'm going to be married at the Palladium March 2008, but every time I read a negative review I reconsider. I want to let you know that I was at the Palladium last May (2006) and my FI and I went to the wedding gazebo and it was very pretty and did not smell like pee. Regardless, my FI and I have looked at other's wedding pics at the Palladium and we actually want to get married on the Kantenah beach under a chiffon-made alter. I hope this is still an option?!? Best of luck! Just a quick one we are looking at getting married in the Grand Palladium in May 2010 (long way off I know!), but was just wondering how you found the weather over there in May? As people keep telling us we are mad to do it at that time of year as it is way too hot!?
  14. Hi my name is Louise, I am new to all this wedding stuff so hope you can all offer me some advice. Think we have narrowed it down to Mexico in April/May 2010, but still not sure yet. xx
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